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An overview of A Siberian Husky Dog & Its Character

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Siberian husky is a medium size and dense-coat working dog breed , which originated in the northeastern Siberia. The breed comes from the Spitz genetic family and is recognizable by the thickly furred double coat, distinctive markings and erect triangular ears. These features make it unique when compared to other breeds that you can easily find in man homes. 

What are the Siberian husky characters?

Here are some of the common siberian husky characters that you need to know: 

Huskies are very active and energetic breeds of dogs when you need a perfect dog. In addition, they can also withstand very harsh environments and low temperatures especially during winter due to their genetic composition. 

On their weight, a male can range from 45 to 60 pounds (20 to 27 kg) while a female 35 to 50 pounds (16 to 23 kg). On the height, a male can range from 21 to 23.5 inches (53 to 60 cm) while female 20 to 22 inches (51 to 56 cm). These make the dog above average in both height and weight when compared to other breeds that you can get in many home in America and other countries. 

On the coat, they have thick double coat. This thick undercoat is softer on the outer coat that give them a unique look and color. In addition, all the colors range from black to white alongside with a brown or red color in some few. However, attempts have been made to crossbreed them with other species to see the outcome of the results. 

The lifespan of Siberian husky ranges from 12 to 14 years and litter size is 9 to11 puppies thus making it a unique breed of dog when compared to other common brands 

Most of the health issues in the breed are mostly genetic, like defects and seizures of the eye (corneal dystrophy, juvenile cataracts, progressive retinal atrophy and canine glaucoma) and the congenital laryngeal paralysis. However, when you take measures, you should be aware that you would the health of Siberian husky thus increasing their health and lifespan.

What are the good training tips for those husky dogs?

Here are some of the best five tips that you must know when you have Siberian husky dogs:

1. Listen to your dog- You must be able listen to your Siberian husky dog easily. You should never force your dog to do things that they hate doing.

2. Be generous with your affection- You should show your dog all of your affection as a way to make it understand you thus enhancing your relationship and training.

3. Be consistent: You must be consistent when you need to instill discipline in your dog easily. This will enable your dog to master the skills you may be teaching.

4. Reward your dog- It is important that you reward your dog whenever it shows good behavior.

5. Give freedom to your dog- You must enable your dog to do what they feel like doing without having to infringe their movement rights when training.

In conclusion, the above information about Siberian husky dogs should enable you understand the dog while learn on the tips to make it learn new tricks and discipline.

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