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What Are husky Dogs Like?

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What are huskydogs like? Well, this is a type of question that requires in-depth knowledge and comprehensive analysis. The Siberian husky is often categorized in the working group dogs. The Siberian husky is a medium size dog, having a double layer of fur that provides protection against severe weather conditions. 

The most common colors of fur include gray, white and black, pure white, copper-red and white. The color of their eyes could be blue, brown, or a mixture of both colors. Not only that they have strong chests and backs, but they are also very athletic and elegant. These features make them ideal herding, sleds, rescues, and companion. Thanks to their great stamina, they are often used for racing, carting, and other purposes.

With that said, when it comes to successfully training husky dogs, there are plenty of important aspects that need to be taken into consideration.

Show Dominance:

When you are looking to train your husky dog, it is important to make sure that you show dominance. You must show your husky that you are the one who is in-charge. Otherwise, when he does not see you, he will ignore your commands and do whatever he likes. The ideal way to cement your dominance over your husky is to be determined and confident when giving commands. He will be more inclined to listening to someone like that than someone who lacks confidence or is week. Moreover, you need to make him get used to being handled. This way he will see you as a dominant and will follow your commands. After you have cemented your dominance over him, training will progress as per your desired standards.


Making sure that your husky receives enough exercise is another vital aspect to becoming successful in training him. Husky dog is a high energy dog and his body is designed to enable him to run long distances for a long period of time. If you don’t give him sufficient exercise, then chances are that he will become bored. What this will do is that it will force him to resort to more aggressive behavior, such as chewing, howling, and digging your furniture. You need to take him our every day to satisfy his exercise demands. However, bear in mind the fact that you will need to take him out for longer walks, as brief stroll is not sufficient.

Demonstrate Positive Reinforcement:

The other crucial step to ensuring that your husky dog is fully trained is to only employ positive reinforcement, which means that you must only react when he does something right. When he does that, it is important to reward him. But, when he does something wrong, you do not have to react to it. By doing this, he will become naturally inclined to doing things that he gets rewarded for, and he will less likely be tempted to doing things that invite no response from your end. 

With that being said, Siberian husky training could turn out to be difficult if you do not know how to perform it properly. By implementing above-mentioned aspects in mind, you will be a lot more successful than someone who does not undertake these steps. 

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Essential Dog Training Tips for Siberian Huskies

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If you are looking to own a dog with exotic features and friendly mannerisms, then owning a Siberian husky is highly recommended.A Siberian husky personality can describe as highly intelligent, playful and easy going. His good nature, wolf like face and gaze makes him an attractive option for pet lovers. 

However, because of pack mentality; this type of dog can be hard to train and may disobey you if you don’t provide stellar leadership. Because of his personality, this dog requires special attention particularly in training. If you are looking to own a Siberian husky, then you have to invest a little bit of time and energy in puppy training. Here are puppy training tips for Siberian huskies that you need to consider.

Provide stellar leadership

Siberian huskies can only be controlled if you provide firm leadership. These dogs have deep pack instincts, which make them view humans as fellow dogs in a pack competing to be “alpha” or leader. For example, you should always enter your house before your husky to teach him about order or who is in charge of the house. This mentality makes these dogs tough to discipline, thus need a pet owner who is ready to offer leadership and guidance at all times.

Praise or Discipline your Dog Immediately

Huskies need to be praised or disciplined within 30 seconds of performing a desirable or undesirable act. Praising or disciplining him after this time has elapsed will end up in futility. This is because the dogs are naturally programmed to understand information or concepts quickly or within seconds. Do not try to discipline your dog by hitting him, as this will make him resent and fear you. Ultimately, the key to controlling a husky behavior is to reward or discipline him immediately, so that he understands; what you are trying to teach him.

Be Consistent

Consistency is what determines whether you can control the behavior of your husky dog or not. Consistency involves teaching your pet rules in a consistent manner. This can be achieved using single word commands in your training. For example, if you train your dog to sit down by using a word like sit” then should always use the same word all the time as opposed to using other variations of the word like “sit down”. Your dog will get confused and fail to follow your orders, if you are not consistent in your training.

Build confidence

The dream of every pet owner is enjoy quality time with a fun-filled, energetic and well behaved dog. A Siberian husky perfectly fits the profile but only, if you build confidence. You can boost his confidence by rewarding him with praises every time he performs desirable actions. You can only build the confidence of your Siberian husky by showing him love and protection.

Ultimately, Siberian huskies are the dream of many prospective pet owners. However, the dogs can be stubborn in their behavior, especially in situations where owners fail to provide good leadership. Because of the good wolf-like looks, Siberian huskies continue to be in high demand at all times. 

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